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Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Mistico Park allows visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of the tropical rainforest from a different perspective- above- via long, narrow, gently swaying hanging bridges suspended high above the ground.

There are sixteen bridges total, six of which are hanging suspension types, which combine to provide an impressive 1,883 feet (574 meters) of bridges. The longest is the last, a remarkable 148 feet (97 meters) in length and the highest sways an incredible 148 feet (45 meters) above the ground. It’s a beautiful and sustainable way to enjoy the rainforest, see incredible views, and catch glimpses of birds, insects and wildlife along the way.

Open from 6am-4:30pm, you must enter before 3:50pm and it is required to make a reservation beforehand as the park limits the amount of people permitted inside at a time, which makes for a much better experience overall. Simply book online or call them to reserve; a variety of guided tours are also available if preferred.

The general admission cost is $26 for adults and free for children under 10. Free parking is available immediately outside and there are bathrooms, a restaurant, and a gift shop at the entrance and friendly, well-informed people to greet and direct you if needed or discuss with you other options like guided tours or additional activities (horseback riding, canoeing, etc).

While you are quite often walking on a bridge there is also a great deal of actual trail that is on the ground, some pretty well tiled but some with a lot more dirt and mud.

Closed toed shoes are definitely best (although if you sign a waiver, you are permitted to go in open toed styles). It’s not a particularly difficult hike but some of it is uphill a bit, so be prepared. There are a few offshoot trails but the main one takes about 1-2 hours when walking at a leisurely pace to observe and enjoy the nature around you. It’s about 2 miles long (3,200 meters).

For Photos: If you’re wanting to do an image for your photography or modeling portfolio, Instagram page, mini family photoshoot, etc., I would recommend going early in the morning, right when the park opens, if you wish for darker, more even light. If you want it to be sunny, pretty much anytime is good (as long as it’s not raining of course!). Because the number of people at a time is limited it was fairly easy to pause long enough to take some great shots on several different bridges and of course along the trail for shots of plants and animals we encountered.


Mistico Hanging Bridges Park

-Arenal/La Fortuna area

-1.5 hour lite hiking plus hanging bridges

-Free parking

-$26 entrance fee (free for children)

-Open 6am-4:30pm


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