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Model Coaching

Posing Coach

If you are a new model who has never worked in front of a camera before or a working model who struggles with poses, a session with AJ can assist. AJ is a master of speed modeling, a method in which the model moves quickly and fluidly from one pose to the next and she is happy to help  others learn as well! 

How it Works

AJ believes that posing practice should occur during an actual photoshoot, as it is when the camera is pointed at you that nerves can kick in. She also believes it is beneficial for the model to see all of the images after the shoot so that the model is able to see exactly how her various poses look through the lens. As such, AJ will either take photos of the model with a professional DSLR camera during the coaching session, OR she will attend a photoshoot already set up (with the approval of the photographer) and coach during the shoot.  


Consultation - Consultation via email, phone, skype, or in person is required before a coaching session as AJ needs to understand your specific goals. Consultation is free and should take 10-20 minutes. Email now to schedule your consultation

Individual Session - an individual model coaching session lasts 45-60 minutes and the model will change into several different outfits of her choice during that time. AJ will both coach the model on her posing and shoot photographs with her DSLR camera (AJ is a professional photographer as well) to help illustrate the poses through the lens and allow the model to react as she does in front of a camera. Afterwards (preferably immediately following) AJ and the model will take coffee or lunch nearby and AJ will upload all of the photos onto her laptop. Another 30-45 minutes will be spent discussing the images, angles, poses. The rate for this full 90 minute is $125. Additional time and/or the purchase of photos from the shoot are also options.

On Set Session - a model coaching session during a photoshoot with a photographer/creative team costs $60/hr (40/hr after the first two). It must be pre-approved by the photographer and permission for AJ's presence and input given. AJ will coach the model during the photo session and if permitted by the photographer, review the images in camera or in the computer following the shoot. 

General Model Advice - Model coaching non specific to posing is available online or in person at a rate of $30/hr. AJ can help guide your specific journey in modeling and answer any questions you may have about the industry. 

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