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Costa Rica Travel: The Springs Resort

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

The Springs Resort is an amazing, luxurious five star resort with natural hot springs located in the Arenal area, less than 4 miles (6 km) away from the volcano. The views are spectacular and the springs relaxing and tranquil.

It is accessed by a small, private road that winds deep into the forest and appears to be going nowhere, but in fact it takes you to the secluded Springs Resort. There were some steep hills but our small economy car was able to navigate them and our GPS led us the right way to reach the resort. The property is gated and we were directed inside to a parking lot, where we were greeted and picked up by a golf cart and escorted in.

The Springs offers day passes for their multiple natural hot and cold springs, where you can relax in the mineral waters and feel restored both mentally and physically. The Springs offers three separate sections of pools, many with stunning waterfalls, each with a unique feeling. The first section is the Las Lagunas Pools, several levels of terraces and twelve different warm to hot pools, one with a swim up bar and an incredible view of the Arenal Volcano. The Perdido Springs area includes short wooded trails that connect seven pools, one with a waterslide! Finally, you can take a shuttle to the Club Rio Springs, a serious of larger springs bordering the river with beautiful views of the river canyon and rainforest around you.

The Springs opens for day passes at 8am and closes at 10pm, so you can experience a very full day of relaxation. The day pass costs $70 and includes lunch and access to all three springs areas for the day. There are various restaurants and bars on site for additional meals or drinks and a spa is available as well. It’s best to reserve in advance but as of the beginning of 2020 when I visited and wrote this, it is not required. I found that everyone on site was incredibly friendly and helpful, and both the springs and the views were beyond stunning, some of the most memorable from my trip to Costa Rica.

Parking is on site and complimentary shuttles will take you between the different springs areas. Anything you could need is readily available. It is definitely an incredible place well worth visiting!

If you are looking for a little more adventuring, The Springs offers Club Rio “adventure passes”, which should be scheduled ahead of time and include choices of tubing, horseback riding, wildlife/nature tour and rock climbing/rappelling. The cost is about $130 for adults ($110 for children) and includes lunch and access for the day to the springs and pools.

Finally, of course, you can stay at this gorgeous resort, where you can bask in the lap of luxury in the middle of the rainforest, with fantastically indulgent, beautifully furnished rooms and suites ranging from the Vista Guest Rooms for around $400-500 per night to the “Palace”, Villa Palacio, for just under $3,000 a night, which features a 2,798 square foot, 5 Bedroom, 6 Bath villa estate with a 50-foot wide pool, Infinity-Edge Jacuzzi, Fire Pit, 8,400 square feet of recreational area including 9-hole putting green, basketball court, Bocce Court, Ping Pong, Darts and an Organic Farm Maze. Most rooms feature private Jacuzzis and/or pools with breathtaking secluded views of the volcano, valley and beautiful rainforest.

The interior of the room we visited was beautifully and tastefully decorated, lavish yet refined, with beautiful wood floors, ceilings and furniture.

It was grandly appointed with a living area, kitchen and dining room, spacious bedrooms and luxuriant bathrooms. Outside was a private Jacuzzi and pool with a magnificent view of the volcano and rainforest surrounding. Fantastic luxury set amongst incredible nature with absolutely no compromise for either, The Springs must be counted among the most beautiful resorts in the world.

For Photos: The best volcano view especially for photos is definitely that taken from the Las Lagunas Pool with the swim up bar. There is a waterfall opening opposite the bar and you can sit on the bar to take the photo of either the view itself, or of someone in front of the view sitting or standing on the waterfall edge or just positioned in front of it. If you’re wanting to do an image for your photography or modeling portfolio, Instagram page, mini family photoshoot, etc., I would recommend going very early in the morning, just at or before sunrise, in order to get the best light. After this the light may become a little patchy and might clear out again around 8-9am for a full sun look, and from there will become too bright for great light on a person’s face. Evening light is also very nice but it’s a lot more crowded, at sunrise we were the only people at this spot and were able to take our time getting beautiful images.

Of course the view from the spas and pools in the rooms is always great in morning and evening as well, and the various pools can also look good at different times of the day, so you can get a wonderful shot pretty much anytime aside from midday, but the best volcano view images would definitely be at the times when the sun is less strong. Also, it is often very cloudy over the volcano, to the point that you can’t even see it, so it important to take the shot on as clear a day as possible. Sometimes we saw the clouds move away very rapidly only to make their way back an hour later, so if you see them move, take the opportunity right away lest you miss it!


The Springs Resort

-Arenal /La Fortuna area

-20+ pools/mineral hot springs plus other optional activities

-Free parking and shuttles/on site transportation

-$70 day pass, includes lunch (up to $130 if you choose activities)

-Open 8am-10pm


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